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Hello All, I am a 31 year old Chiropractor looking into nursing as a possibility. I'm researching going to an accelerated 1 year BSN program for 2nd degree non-nursing majors. I have all pre-reqs... Read More

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    Have you checked out the school in West Palm Beach Fl? It offers an accelerated direct entry RN program for chiros that is 12 months long. It is open for FEP's (foreign educated physicians); other non nursing degree individuals; paramedics, and chiropractors. I think the school is called the institute of healthcare professions and i know people that are students there. They take all your old credits and you don't need to re-do your prerequisites. good luck
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    Thanks for the feedback. Have you had any feedback from people that are students at the Institute of Healthcare Professions? Other boards say that the program is not yet nationally accredited, which would be a problem for me practicing in Illinois.
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    Sorry, its been awhile since I've been on this topic. The program is a state BON approved and licensed school/program. You are eligible to sit for the NCLEX. Therefore, you can practice nursing in Illinois and anywhere else in the US. Similar to other diploma programs, your application for matriculation into a BSN program will be subject to review of you coursework and academic history. As a chiropractor you will have no problem matriculating into a RN to BSN or RN to MSN program. I know of at least 6 DC's who are in the program now. Hope this helps
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    Kenthomas< where is the "direct entry program"? I am A DC in a online WGU BSN program and will graduate in march 2015 and would liek to go straight into FNP or MSN program. I am finding most schools want clinical RN experience and I really do not want to work as an RN. I own a med-spa, and I have a RN and a ANP, that work for me. I guess I could just change my roll in my own business? I really do not want to wait longer then 6 months to start an MSN program though, and I cannot relocate, so I need and online program. Please let me know if anyone knows of programs that may work for me. Thanks!
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    Samford University has accepted and graduated at least 3 DCs that I know of that completed the direct entry program through Hardin Simmons in Texas.
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    Thanks for your response. I do not a cost on the website. Do you have any idea of that or the accreditation for all states? I heard rumors of a problem, but I met an DC who is in the Samford program on my BSN clinic rotation. I have hard time believing all claims the schools put on their websites. Fo r instance the Samford FNP student said he had a hard time finding clinical rotations , and their website reads as if they have it set up for you.
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    Two docs I know had to find their own clinical rotations, but had previous relationships with MDs. I don't know the cost, but to get more information, I reached out to the admissions office and asked if they had any students in the program willing to speak to perspective students who have questions. They had a list of emails of docs in the area that were willing to talk.

    To find out about accreditation, I would call the state and and national nursing associations.
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    Hi dc4now- I am also a chiropractor considering the FNP route. I too looked into WGU for the BSN/RN portion. Reasonable cost and clinicals close to home (I reside in California). Do they still require you to have an LVN prior to starting their program or is this waived since we have DC degree and patient experience?
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    i am in the prelicensure bsn program at WGU. No prior nursing needed. They also accepted most of my early college some 25 years ago, which most didn't consider. Good luck!
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    Herzing is where I am now and its full of DC's in the FNP track. No prior clinical experience required, however, your clinical during school often counts anyways.

    Hope this helps
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    Thank yo so much for that info on Herzing! I had not heard of it before. Could you tell me why you choose that school? cost? length of program? travel?acceptance in all states etc. Most DC's I've spoken to have gone to Samford, and I would like to finish as soon as possible. Samford has a 18 month program. I own a business now and intend on continuing through the FNP program. How is the work load? Same as full time BSN? thanks for your help!
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    wuzdc, no LVN required. They have "Prelincensure program" for anyone that has a 4 year degree . It is accelerated for a BSN in 2.5 years. I have worked in my business the whole time and have less than a year left. Pretty good program. the only beef I have is my clinical are 3-4 hours away, so hotel and time away from home and work is rough, but it is only for a short time and I knew that going in.
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    Thanks dc4now. Is WGU Western Governors University? Are their classes online?