1. Hi, I am just finishing remedials at college. My major is nursing, RN. However I have about a year and half to go before I start clinicals, if I can get in with waiting list etc., and then another 2 years or so after that. I am considering going to the local tech college to do an LPN course instead. My reasons are:

    my wife and I (this is my wife's screen name) are in plenty of debt right now, and I am really not too fond of getting in like $12-16,000 more. I have no nursing experiance at all and I feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of working as lpn for a few years (or maybe for ever) before deciding to go for RN. I think I would prefer the role of the lpn anyway, more direct patient care. I am going to speak to the tech college tomorrow to suss it out, and if the course doesn't start 'till say sept I plan on spending the summer working as CNA 'till then, instead of racking up more debt at college doing prereqs. Also my wife and I r dying to move and this would speed up that whole proccess.

    Has anyone else done anything similar to this? or does anyone think this a good idea?
    Thanks for reading!
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  3. by   kim93079
    IMO follow your gut. I am in school for my BSN and several ppl I know have switched to an LPN program. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. None of us can really tell you which route is best, it depends on you. It sounds to me that you have already made most of the decision, so go on and do what feels right!!! Like you said you can go back for RN later or not at all, your destiny is in your hands !!!
    Good Luck!!!!
  4. by   bcjams
    Get your lpn and finish your prereq's...getting into RN school is much easier for lpn's..iknow a lot of people who have finished prereqs and cannot get in to a program...but i know lpn who havent even taken mirco or ap2 who are accepted....and the transition course is faster and easier than the generic route due to the experience of lpn and working...all in all you will finish about the same time and have an easier time getting in....i got 10 hours credit for my lpn and it took a year off my course work for RN and i got to go in the summer sessions when the generic students could not attend classes...the only downside is the expense of the lvn program...it can be hefty
  5. by   laughing weasel
    My sister and I both decided to go the lpn/LVN to RN route because it was easier to be accepted to the programs than RN programs. She will be going to a 4-year RN program as soon as she can probably this fall. I intend on going to excelsior as soon as I graduate in June. Most of my class has expressed interest in this plan so it is not an uncommon path. Good luck!!!
  6. by   HannahRN24
    hey thanx for all the replies. I went to the tech college just now to ask some questions about the lpn program and the lady there was so rude. I didn't get all the questions I wanted answered, but she did answer some. I'll be starting in August if I pass their test etc. Which would be pretty cool as the nursing home my wife works at train u as a CNA for free with no obligation to work for them once u pass. They pay minimum wage while u r training, so I could get in some good experiance between now and August. That would also give me a good part time job while at school.

    It's good to hear that a few other ppl have gone the lpn then RN route. Seems sensible. Thanks again. Guess I better start deciding.