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    Hey everyone!
    I am a brand new RN (in a new area) with 3 years of LPN experience and 3 years prior CNA experience. I am needing some advice for a stand out resume to highlight that I am not new to healthcare or nursing but just new to being an RN. Could anyone give me some advice? Also, since I am in a brand new area would it be helpful to go to various hospitals and introduce myself or volunteer? I know that to get a nursing job its usually all about who you know, any help would be greatly appreciated!! (I'm in the doylestown/philadelphia area.) Thanks in advance!!
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    Also does anyone know of any good hospitals that hire adn? Thanks!
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    Job markets are determined by local factors. You will need to be much more specific.... are you interested in the Lexington KY area only?
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    No, I live in Lansdale Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia, I'm interested in this area. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm only applying for jobs in this area. I need advice on how to network in a brand new area and help/advice on highlighting my LPN and prior health care experience.
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    Hi, I also am a new grad RN (Aug of 2014) with 2 years prior experience as an LPN and previous experience as CNA and CMA before that. I'm wondering if you ever found a way to highlight your LPN experience in your resume and/or cover letter for an RN position that helped set you apart from the new grad RNs with no prior healthcare experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated(: