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    Hey everyone!
    I am a brand new RN (in a new area) with 3 years of LPN experience and 3 years prior CNA experience. I am needing some advice for a stand out resume to highlight that I am not new to healthcare or nursing but just new to being an RN. Could anyone give me some advice? Also, since I am in a brand new area would it be helpful to go to various hospitals and introduce myself or volunteer? I know that to get a nursing job its usually all about who you know, any help would be greatly appreciated!! (I'm in the doylestown/philadelphia area.) Thanks in advance!!

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    Also does anyone know of any good hospitals that hire adn? Thanks!
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    Job markets are determined by local factors. You will need to be much more specific.... are you interested in the Lexington KY area only?
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    No, I live in Lansdale Pennsylvania right outside of Philadelphia, I'm interested in this area. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm only applying for jobs in this area. I need advice on how to network in a brand new area and help/advice on highlighting my LPN and prior health care experience.
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    Hi, I also am a new grad RN (Aug of 2014) with 2 years prior experience as an LPN and previous experience as CNA and CMA before that. I'm wondering if you ever found a way to highlight your LPN experience in your resume and/or cover letter for an RN position that helped set you apart from the new grad RNs with no prior healthcare experience? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated(:
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    I had a leadership capstone at the end of nursing school where several RN professors/adjunct staff reviewed our resumes and gave feedback. I had 9 years LPN experience, and I was told to really highlight any supervision of others like CNA staff, IV skills, involvement in care planning, etc.

    After I revamped my resume to include those things and other standout abilities, I started getting call backs and got 2 offers. It's a very very tough market in a lot of areas and prior LPN experience, sadly, almost counts for nothing so you really need to focus on leadership, delegation, etc. Hope that helps!
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    I am from the Philadelphia area (near Lansdale and Doylestown) as well and it is TOUGH around here for new grads. Abington Hospital just laid of 95 employees recently, and most of the center city hospitals are looking for BSN only. Have you tried LTC? Your LPN experience may go further there.

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