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I am not intending to come across as another "Woe is me" tale, but after having another one of those days I find this is the place to let it go. Two years ago I graduated from LPN school, top of my class. I loved it,... Read More

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    Originally posted by Jenny P:
    Jo_deye_yuh; you have traveled quite a road these past few months! Congratulations! It takes courage to change jobs, and it looks like you made the right choice. Sometimes, even when you are sure there are no other options, you find something that just fits perfectly. I hope that you've found a much better fit. It sounded like your old job was purposely being run into the ground by some idiot who had no brains for people, money, or anything else. I hope this new job will help you love nursing even more than the old job did.
    Thank you dearly! Yes it is amazing how things work out. I had just said how I didn't have any other options for the area I live in and a week later I recieved a phone call from the VA asking me to come work for them! I left security, rank, and special friends. Now I am the 'newbie', low-man on the totem pole, ignorant, and chronically flustered...however, as I said, whoa nelly what I am learning! Thank you for your support and kind words! Take care.

    Health and Blessings~ Jodie

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