lost job on orientation. should I put the job on the resume?

  1. 0 I was given a choice to resign or be terminated due to a medication error on my last week of training at the end of 2 months in the ED. I choose resignation. It involved an narcotic and alerted my preceptor right away. I'm glad no one was harmed but am a bit in shock. i keep wondering how i could have been so clumsy and what now. Ive started looking for work but most hospitals prefer a yr of experience. Being a new grad with some homecare experience my resume doesn't really stand out much especially if i were to leave out my ED experience along w.a 2 mo gap. However, adding the experience might raise more flags (why was it a mutual resignation, is this person a flight risk) according to my ex manager who reached out to me after seeing how devastated I was. Does anyone know what would be a better move, especially those with management or recruitment backgrounds? Thanks
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    Sorry, but if you received a check from that job, you need to include it on your resume & job applications. It will turn up the minute a potential employer does a superficial background check on your SSN.

    FWIW, I am philosophically opposed to termination for a true one-time 'mistake' such as you described, especially if you caught and reported it. Human beings are flawed creatures and we all make mistakes.

    When you list it on your resume, just list the dates of employment... no need to include anything else because this is covered on job apps & interviews. I would rely on "wasn't a good fit" reason for leaving. This would not be terrible, as everyone can probably understand how a new grad would not make it in such a high pressure area as ED. Would your ex-manager be willing to serve as a reference? If so, this may offset the negatives.
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