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Longest Break From Nursing??

  1. 0 I left nursing 10 years ago after a 14 year run in the OR. Wondering what is the longest break anyone has had and how did they get back in and did they go back to the same specialty?
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    I'm been away from direct patient care for the last 8.5 years. I have been in utilization management for specialty pharmaceuticals most recently. I am now interested in going back to direct patient care, but am having ZERO luck so far. I was even told recently that a new grad knows more than I do after being out of the hospital so long
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    I have been out of clinical for 7 years and am experiencing the same thing. I have applied to many hospitals, for many positions. I have applied FT, PT, registry but no calls. I believe this is the reason. I think we just need a little refresher and it would all come back to us but sad no one is giving us the chance.
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    I am reading these posts and think you should be happy !! Remember why u left the bedside !!!??? Please tell me....because I am tired of these demanding pts I get in my ER
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    Couldn't you do home health care or some kind of travel/agency. You girls seem like you know what your doing. Besides, isn't it like riding a bike? My thoughts are with you....