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Hi everyone, I need some advice. I started my job June 12th and I am currently still in orientation. I drive an hour to work every day and the drive plus working 12 hour shifts is very taxing. I... Read More

  1. by   MinneNurse
    Quote from Wolf at the Door
    So why did you take the job knowing it was 2 hours minimum worth of driving?
    Just speaking on my own situation, when I accepted my position I knew the drive would about 25-35 minutes from my house to my job, which I found to be a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately soon after taking the position road construction began on several stretches of 2 different highways I need to take to get to work and the expected completion time of these repairs could be as far out as 2019. So now it makes my commute closer to 45 minutes-over an hour.

    I understand that as a newer nurse with less experience and skills finding a job can be difficult and you may have to take whatever job you are offered at the time in order to pay your bills and put food on the table. Also, a longer commute doesn't sound so terrible when you are excited about accepting a job, but unfortunately that can change quickly after a long shift when you are exhausted and hungry and ready to get home and go to bed.

    OP, I don't have any new advice that you haven't received from other posters already, but I agree you should talk to your nurse manager face-to-face and be prepared to be finished that day. Congrats and good luck at your new position!
  2. by   twinsmom788
    She doesn't feel comfortable or safe with the drive... and probably doesn't like the work either...she is not responsible for the fact that someone else could have had the position. I can understand.

Leaving my job while still in orientation