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  1. 0 On Friday, I resigned from my med-surg job at a local hospital. I lasted six months. I liked the patients and my co-workers but I was not a good hospital nurse. I am a new grad so I don't have the one year of experience that alot of places want. Any suggestions on what to do next? I need to find a job within the next month.

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    Bonnie Blue:

    There are lots and lots of jobs outside of the hospital! Start with what is available in your area; study the health care classifieds! Off the top of my head I would think:

    Dr. Office
    Home Health
    Public Health
    In hospital - Case Manager, Special Procedures

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing!
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    YOU know, a new grad orientation should last at least 6 monthes. Did you get the support you needed?
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    In response to your question, yes and no. I spent almost a month on days with a very experienced nurse. Then I went to nights, again, with an experienced nurse. I felt supported and comfortable asking questions. I had trouble staying focused and I made some med errors. I am not sure I should even try to get another job as a nurse right now. The pickings were pretty slim in Sunday's paper but I will keep looking.

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