just passed nclex,,  what to do next? just passed nclex,, what to do next? | allnurses

just passed nclex,, what to do next?

  1. 0 I would really appreciate anyone who is willing to give out some tips on how to apply for jobs at hospitals,, and how do I fix my resume? Iam new to all this,, do I have to seek professional help with job hunt? Thanks in advance
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    check out your state forum as well as the resume forum Nursing Resume Help
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    Many employers ONLY accept online applications, so this is the 'first step' for most hospitals now. If the online system allows you to attach a document, you can include your resume & cover letter but be sure that these documents are 'online friendly'... no fancy fonts, graphics, or other elements that are not universally accepted.

    No one really expects a new grad to have any clinical experience, so your resume is not going to make much difference unless you have some items that will make people sit up and take notice. An articulate & compelling cover letter - that conveys your motivation, work ethic & *sincere* desire to work for that employer - is much more likely to make an impression.
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    thanks for your help ..
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    thank you very much for taking the time and give advice,, really appreciate it . :