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  1. Right after nursing school I started a nursing job in pediatric homecare three months later I started a new job working as a pool rn in a skilled facility geriatrics and rehab.. So I had 2 jobs for over a year. I recently left my first position to get more hours at my second job. I have been there 18 months. I have an offer for a new job. Same pay but completely different work. Id be switching from geriatrics to adolescent psyc! I'm also in school for OR and hope to get an OR job in January or ASAP. Is it wise to take this new part time position? I'd also be changing shifts so my family schedule would change too! It might be possible to keep both jobs but I'm not really sure if I can mange it with needing to cover holidays ect.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    YMMV, but I think it would be unwise to take the adolescent psych job with all the complicated changes it would bring into your life. If you weren't already working and in school, I'd say go for it, but not with everything else you have on your plate right now.
  4. by   HouTx
    Wow! You've really covered a variety of practice areas in such a short time - KUDOS to you for being so adventurous. It's great to have such a broad understanding of such different practice areas.

    I advise you to clarify your priorities - which pursuit is most important to you at this time? If it your OR training, then you need to focus on that. Next, see what else could be accomplished without compromising your first priority. Be sure to factor in all the related issues.... like the training that would be needed to prepare you for another new environment (adolescent psych). Will you have to be ready to flex your schedule as you move ahead in your OR practicum - to 'catch' different types of cases? If so, that needs to be factored in.

    I know how tempting it is to jump on something new (I have a very low boredom threshold also) but not if it has a negative impact on something more important like your long range goal. Best of luck - keep us posted on your progress.