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Job interview/ still in school

  1. 0 I don't know where exactly I should be posting this so if this isn't the appropriate place I apologize.

    Anyway, I have an interview Friday for a LPN position at an assisted living facility. I really want this position so I can gain experience seeing as the only patient care experience I have had do far has been from clinical.

    However I am enrolled in a weekend/evening bridge program that I attend Tuesdays and Thursdays and every other weekend. Do you think that the scheduling issue will be a problem in getting hired? I don't want to seem so demanding while being a new hire with absolutely no experience but I know I have to be upfront about days and times I cannot work. I currently work 24 hrs a week as a monitor tech and I'd really like to stay at about the same hours per week.

    I'm very nervous and I realize I am probably making a much bigger deal about this then it need to be lol
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    I'm sure you won't have a problem....more than anything they'll be happy to have someone that will become an RN soon...don't worry! Good luck!
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    Make sure you are clear on the "patient care" that is provided at that ALF. In many cases, it does not include much nursing care at all - because these types of facilities require residents to be pretty self sufficient.