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  1. I will be leaving to job corps on tues and I need to know if they do offer rn program. And from what I have read, it is not free. Anyone has any info please reply back asap. Thank you
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    Hopefully you will find your answers
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    I never hear of any Jobcorps offering a RN program but I know a couple that offers LPN.
  6. by   KCMnurse
    No they offer CNA and maybe LPN. The program is generally too short for an RN program.
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    As stated previously they do not offer a RN program, although some have talked about starting one. You could always do the LPN program, complete it sit and pass boards and then allow Job Corps to pay for your classes to get your RN. I went to the one in Philadelphia, took up MA completed that and then they paid for classes to become a RN until my years were up.