Is it worth the stress to be a RN?

  1. I'm new here. I've been a dental hygienist (RDH) for the past 20 yrs but lost 1 of my jobs recently which leaves me working 1 day a week. It's impossible to find another RDH job because my area, as well as nationwide, is saturated w/ too many RDHs. So I figured I'd go for RN because I already have the pre-reqs, I enjoy helping people, & the pay is comparable. But I worry about the toxic work environments, back-stabbing co-workers, chronic understaffing, long shifts, etc. A lot of jobs sound like snakepits. Is it mandatory or advisable for a RN grad to start in a hospital to gain experience? Some RNs sound so depressed & regret ever getting their degree. Yikes! What's a newbie like me to think? BTW, I should add that I'm 53, married, no kids, & my husband has a fairly stable income.
    Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Like your current job market, nursing is saturated as well. CNN had a recent article that you might want to read: For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply - Jan. 14, 2013. Nursing programs are also difficult to get into with wait lists, and the private schools without wait lists are almost obscenely expensive. Have you explored nursing programs in your area?

    As with any job or workplace, there will be snakes. But if it's your dream, make it happen. Best of luck!

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    I've been an RN for 22 yrs. I love being a nurse I couldn't think of anything else I would rather do. Like I wrote in another post floor nursing isn't the only nursing out there. I've done ER, OR, Pre-op, PACU, endoscopy pain management. I mean there is so many nursing jobs out there that doesn't entail floor nursing.
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    Dear FLfemale:

    I have always wanted to be a nurse which I pursued at the age of 33 getting my Associates Degree. I personally have had a challenging time dealing with dishonest Nurse Managers hiring for one position and getting you in the door to only tell you they have hired you for something else such as night shift. I have met some wonderful nurses and doctors to date so I did not experience the back bitting etc. There are a lot of people pursuing nursing but are having a hard time getting positions because of being new grads.

    Then you have someone like me who has not had a position since 2010 due to a NM on my last job and having a 3rd child (unplanned) in 2012. I am very concerned about my future because it seems as if nursing is not that forgiving as other professions when it comes to raising families.

    Hospital,Hospital,Hospital is what they drive as being so important. I have heard that if you work in a nursing home or home health they don't consider that "real" nursing so that is why I have not pursued any of those areas. There are clinics and doctor offices etc where nurses can work which is fine as long as you are not concerned in being in the hospital environment. You are blessed to have a husband that has a stable income. My husband is the sole provider in my household but two salaries would be optimal.

    I suggest that you look at the student forums here on and see what those students and new grads are saying. If you decide to pursue nursing go for your BSN because that is what the hospitals "prefer." At the time I went for my AAS degree but I should have kept going and gotten my BSN because now with 3 ladies ages 18, 4 and 10 months I am now looking at how I will obtain this goal. Hope this helps..good luck in your decision I wish you the best.