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Hi everyone I've been lurking for some time and became a member today. Let me introduce myself: I am currently a Web Technology Specialist -- and have decided for many reasons to leave the... Read More

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    GO WHITE GO GREEN. Michigan State University has on online program, check with your state's universities for more info.

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    Hi...I went accelerated BSN,but because my goal is MSN.If you know that for sure, it's the best bet.
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    congratulations for your BSN work! May I know where did you go for this 11 month accelerated program? Thank you very much for your help and good luck with your future work.QUOTE=EmeraldNYL]I am currently attending an accelerated 11 month BSN program and I am done in 2 weeks. Needless to say, my brain is completely fried!!! The year was definitely intense. Everyone in my program is incredibly studious and self motivated, and even then we had a 40% attrition rate d/t financial reasons, academic failure, and many people who spoke English as a second language had trouble with the pace of the classes. Personally, I don't think the info. we had to learn was all that hard, we even had your typical nonsense classes like Complementary Medicine and Health Promotion. However, it was the sheer volume of the info. and the fast pace that made it difficult to retain and learn info. Overall, I think I will be well prepared when I graduate, but I made sure that I accepted a position with an extremely long orientation to reinforce and solidify what I learned. My advice to you is: DO NOT work, make sure you have a great support system, and do not go to a brand new program because it will be disorganized. Make sure you find productive ways to deal with stress. Good luck in whatever you decide![/QUOTE]

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