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  1. hello,

    i am a new grad rn who just passed boards. i worked as a cna for a year and a half during school. i was an intern in an icu at a larger hospital for 6 months, but am no longer eligible to work as an intern and there are no openings in the icu, which is not a problem bc i dont think icu is for me. i have had several interviews, 1 coronary stepdown, 1 cardiac step down and 1 er (all in the same hospital), but cant seem to seal the deal? the interviews seem to go well, i am honest, open, and positive, but i never hear back. one thing that is against me is that i am 19. but does this really make me percieved as unable to do the job i have been trained to do? what am i doing wrong? it is very disconcerning.
    also i have applied to several other hospitals but cant even get an interview! i have a job offer in a doctor's office, but i want to work in the hospital atleast for a year to get my basic experience down, plus i love the hospital!
    anyone have any advice for me??
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  3. by   crb613
    Its hard to say without being there to hear the interview.
    1. Are you neat & professionally dressed?
    2. Are you on time....10 mins early?
    3. Do you follow up after the interview?
    4. Have you had any problems where you worked as a CNA/intern?
    The experience as a CNA and intern should help you, and your age should not make a difference....unless you come across as immature. Practice interviews with a friend or someone that does hiring for any occupation.....get their feedback. Also it could be that the jobs you have interview for could have gone to someone with a lot of experience. Good luck and I hope this helps!