If you could not be a nurse

  1. Hello.

    I have a question I hope at least a few of you don't mind answering. I'd really appreciate it.

    If you could not be a nurse, what would you do that still fulfills your interest in health/science/medicine/nursing ?

    I started off in the pre-BSN classes in college and loved them and did really well. I switched majors a few times, ended up with a fairly useless BS, and tried my hand at an LPN program, and discovered that while I loved the academic side, I just did not want the intensive interpersonal experience a nurse has at work.

    If you loved your nursing education but wanted to move away from interacting with so many different people (patients, families, etc...) constantly and at such an intense level, what career direction would you look at? I don't mind coworkers at all (in fact, I have done medical transcription at home and it got very very lonely), and I think I'd be fine with patients/clients/consumers-of-whatever-service-I-provide, just not as intensive as it seemed it would be as a nurse, if you get what I mean. I have no problems with the "icky" stuff, and would not mind going back to school.

    I'm currently kind of qualified to do administrative/clerical medical office work, but I in no way want to make that a long-term choice. I was thinking working in the lab, as an MT (4-yr degree level) or MLT (2-yr degree level) might be a good choice.

    I'm just trying to see if there is something I have not thought of. Thanks so much for reading and responding.
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  3. by   Prettyladie
    this is probably in the different direction that you're seeking, but if i couldnt be a nurse, then id want to be a medical malpractice lawyer, only because i'd still get the patient interaction but in a different way, and plus that was my back up plan =) so sorry i didnt help you out that much. you could also look into health care management..or something like that =) good luck
  4. by   mmt4
    Thanks. You're right that law does not interest me but your comments are valued. I am casting a wide net so I can see what I am missing. I am hoping by asking people who may have enjoyed or been really interested in the same academic subjects as I that I can get some ideas to research.

    You know what would be a really valuable course (perhaps some college already has one) - a one semester intro to the health professions that not only gives you written info about the fields but also takes you onsite to the hospital/care facilities so you can see what people actually do. When I was in my LPN program the instructors liked to chuckle over the X-Ray tech students who had no clue they would have to deal with icky things.
  5. by   shabaletta
    I have been a nurse for 23 years. I'm tired of it! I was never cut out to be a nurse. If I had to do my life over I would:
    1. Be a Child Psychologist
    2. Graphic Designer or Interior Decorator
    3. My own Boss
    I will be leaving my job to work from home for myself. My husband and I believe in the Law of Attraction. You have to be postitive and be in a positive environment to be totally successful
    Where I'm at now, I'm tired of the staff and nurses crying on a daily basis. Really, it is depressing where we are at. Never knowing who's going to quit each day.
    The nursing career isn't made for nurses with families. Long hours demanding employers make for a shortage of nurses.

    There are 13 businesses a nurse can start on a shoestring to work from home. These are healthcare related businesses that you can start and work from home. NOt direct sales or MLM's.
    Check out my website www.yourmarketingspecialist.net. My husband and I started this business while working from home. We have a 12 year old autistic son who needs and wants us to be home. So we are achieving our goal.
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