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    i really need your help. i can't decide what i should do about working more hours. currently i work 3 days a week in nursing home and i want to work more hours. due to a very unsafe environment at my current job, i do not want to work full time there. i'm thinking about finding a job in another nursing home. do you know if nursing homes are willing to hire a nurse who wants to work only 2 days a week? do you think working 6 days in a row is too many days ? do you think there is any way i can find a job without my current employer finding out that i'm looking for another job? i have an interview tomorrow and how i can explain to them why i want to work 2 days a week? please help me, i really need advice.

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    If they are short and really need a nurse they will sometimes take what they can get sometimes not. Just tell them the truth be honest. Good luck. Keep us posted


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