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Hello all. I have a serious problem. I have been a nurse a little over two years. I have worked the first year as a Med/Surg nurse, and now I am a field nurse in Home Health and Hospice. I am... Read More

  1. by   kaewing2003
    I am a utilization management nurse and I work from home and the pay is wonderful. I make more working from home with almost no liability then I did working as a bedside nurse in Cardiac Pediatric Critical Care. I do miss patient care though, so I am perusing a position with Hospice as an admissions nurse. I will work PRN for Hospice for now, but, at least I will be able to keep my clinical skills sharp good luck finding what you love!
  2. by   kaewing2003
    Definately time for a new line of work bellabellabijou...no one should be that miserable at work. And in the long run everyone suffers.