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Hello all. I have a serious problem. I have been a nurse a little over two years. I have worked the first year as a Med/Surg nurse, and now I am a field nurse in Home Health and Hospice. I am seriously considering just... Read More

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    I used to love nursing but right now I feel kind of hopeless about my job. I worked on the floor for 10 years and eventually decided to join the float pool at another hospital to "learn new things". After a year of that I was recruited to be a house supervisor and here is where my misery really started. I have gained 15 pounds, I feel vaguely angry and depressed all the time when I think of work. I am horrified by the quality of people in administration and feel it is just one big "cat fight" I HATE working weekends and nights to cover for others. I miss just being able to do my job and go home daily but I'm getting older and can't see myself running up and down the halls anymore. Besides, patients are not nice or appreciative anymore... the ageing "baby boomer" generation is self-absorbed and nasty. I just don't know what to do...

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    I am sorry to hear of your misery. It sounds like you would be a great candidate for a float pool position. It will not let you escape the baby boomers, but it does free you from the hell of middle management...and from unit politics, for that matter.
    Please post back and let the rest of us know what works!
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    After many years of nursing, I would never suggest nursing as a career to anyone. The only thing good about nursing is an income when so many people are unemployed. If your going to spend 4 years and then another couple towards a graduate degree, go for something where you have some control over your working conditions. If you really want to know what nursing is like, interview nurses who have worked ten years or more and ask them about their health. How often do they exercise, do they have a chance to attend regular leisure activities. the studies indicate nurses are in poor health and have much higher rates of sick time. Employers have done nothing to improve the health of nurses. You don't have a serious problem - maybe you only see the truth and are smart enough to see it. Best of luck, if I was younger, I would defiantly get another type of degree.
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    Do you have any links to these studies?! Thank you!!
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    I know what you're going through. I remembered I hated nursing the second or third semester of nursing school. I dreaded to go to clinical, my nursing instructor gave me nightmare about how mean and stupid they can be. Despite being a student at one most well known nursing schools in California, I still hated nursing. Now that I have a bachelor degree in nursing, I hope I can use this degree to pursue a higher education that's not related to nursing, such as medical school, dental school or pharmacy school. People say, being a nurse, there are so many options; it's true that there are a lot of options, including options that are not related to the field of nursing. Just gotta think outside the box. And even though the options I mention above is not for you, just do something else. Life is too short to live doing you hate to your gut. I know how painful that is, because I also hated nursing to my gut.
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