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hello. i was just wondering if there was anyone else out there like me. i failed out of nursing school my last semester (it is a bsn program). in my program, you only get one repeat. i already used... Read More

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    Hi, you dust off, figure out what you did that had you not finish...and apply to another school. I had a student last year that the same thing happened to him and he finished a second program, flew through NCLEX and is working now. But first, SHIFT YOUR HEAD...because if you think you are going to do it again, guess what? YOU WILL! "What the mind can conceive, it will believe." N. Hill said that. You must get your head straight. I am sure it was embarrasing. I tell my students, we all fail. It is not that we failed, but rather who are we going to BE in the face of that failure? Stuff happens...in OB I say, "meconium happens." DUST off, get back in the saddle and ride again! But figure out what happened, so you will not make the same mistake.

    I would disagree with one of the other posts....do "not settle." Do not go for an LPN, it is a dead end in nursing..and really, with the new Carnegie Report in nursing, anything less than a BSN could be a dead-end. Find another school where you can transfer your credits, finish a BSN and try it again. The only time I would advise against this...is if you demonstrated to you faculty a safety issue that would jeopardize a patient's safety.

    Good luck.

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    This story is real. I’ll not mention names to protect myself.
    I went to enroll at a local university and talked with an advisor/ counselor representing the program I was interested in enrolling. Now this person was to represent what I thought was an ethical program and in fact the program even has segments based solely on the subject of ethics. The first paper in the second semester students are to write are on the subject of ethics. The first time I met with the advisor she made a statement about jobs I had applied for. I didn’t really understand the statement because I was so focused on getting accepted into the program but certainly felt uncomfortable. The next time I met with her she made another comment about another subject not related to enrollment, but again I just didn’t get it because it made no sense. The third meeting another comment and then on the fourth meeting she finally mention what she had been trying to let me know but I wasn’t paying attention. She had been talking to a recruiter who worked at a business where I had applied for a position. WOW so unethical so illegal. No more meeting with this person.
    I was accepted into the program and never really gave this person anymore thought. She was a creep as far as I was concerned and I was far too excited about the education I was about to get.
    I’m making passing grades in the first semester but just passing when I first met with my instructor. I wanted to know how to make better grades. My questions were about how I ought to study, what to study for test purposes and so on. Okay, now here comes the statement of all statements……..”Don’t worry I won’t fail you. I have known students who never pass an exam and pass the course.” I still just shake my head when I think of seeing her say this to me. Talk about cheapening a program is an understatement. I never regained my balance that semester. Her behavior was so dishonest. Another instructor saw me after I was leaving my instructors office and helped me limp through the rest of the semester.
    Second semester starts and I immediately know I’m targeted to fail out of the course. I was asked to withdraw and given a choice of receiving an “F” or withdrawing and reapplying. I asked if I could go into an audit position since I had already paid for the course. I asked twice and was denied. Really unethical behavior again.
    I reapplied and got my answer yesterday. The faculty denied my application.
    There is so much more to the story as there are with all stories.
    Hard to believe isn’t it?
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    well, i graduated from a very respected college in the state, and well, i guess if you fail. Just keep on studying, maybe transfer to another college which has the same curriculum. Just don't shift courses, it'll just make your nursing subjects a complete waste of money and effort.
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    Quote from moncj66
    umm i would call the adviser b/c its varies by case. i really don't wanna tell u the wrong advice especially since ur in another state. but, i got credit for 1st and partial 2nd semester. i tested out medsurg and mental and started at 3rd semester,where i left off. it may sound easy cause i worked fast and got in all my paperwork quickly, but it wasn't a smooth process. have u tried places in ur area 1st?
    how difficult was it to test out of any course you are asking to be accepted for transfer credit? how would you rate the level of difficulty? were you offered time to study before taking those exams? how exactly did you do it?

    i touchbased the advisor and this is what the advisor told me in return:

    i was forwarded your e-mail about transfer. every student is taken on an individual basis regarding transfer credit, would need to look at your transcript. however transfers are accepted on a space available basis, you would need all our pre-requisites as well as pass the hesi entrance exam. in addition the school does not automatically accept grades for previous courses passed, you must test out of any course you are asking to be accepted for transfer credit.
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    Quote from moncj66
    I just wanted to add my experience since im in a similar situation. I failed out of 3rd semester OB & peds due to clinical. I was denied my appeal but got into another school even though its in a small town at least its a BSN program. I took credit by exam for adult med surg and psych..everything else transfered (foundations, patho, nurs research, pharmacology)..now i get to start 3rd semester at a different school. I thank god every day 4 this because I did receive alot of "No, u can't transfer if you failed out of one program" from counselors, but I did get two schools willing to accept me. The moral of the story is YES u can get into another program and YES ur credits can transfer if u find the right school..I hope the OP & every1 else going through this got into another program!!
    Besides TAMIU, please list out the other one of the two schools that is willing to accept you.
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    Hello. I'm about 4 years too late to respond to this but your situation is what exactly happened to me but except i failed on the third semester not the last semester (which would be the fourth). My program also only have one chance to repeat and I appealed as well and got denied. Instead of giving you advice since I am going through the same situation now, I wanted to know how did you deal with it and where did you go from there... Right now I'm still lost....Thanks

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