How much hourly should I make?

  1. 0 I currently am making $20 per hour in private duty nursing as an LPN, but am about to go independent and leave agency work. I want to be able to make more money. Since the agency is taking at least a third, that won't be an issue anymore, but I am not comfortable coming up with an hourly amount yet! Any LPN's out there that are working independently that can give me a figure?
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    I became an 1099'er about a year and a half into my career. Most of the time, it depends on the setting and your experience.

    I usually made 2-5dollars more, depending on experience and the setting.
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    Thanks for the recommendation. That sounds reasonable and will add up to yield more income. I am so glad for this change. Do you just market your nursing in the newspaper? I appreciate the information!
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    Your welcome. I usually looked for agencies that had an option for contracting work.
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    Oh ok thanks!
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    When I went private as a CNA I doubled the amount I received as a CNA working for someone else. I asked a friend on home care if I could see her bill from the home care agency and it showed they billed the insurance for the CNA at $35 an hour and the nurse at $65 an hour. I charged $20 per half hour and stayed busy.

    Do not sell yourself short.
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    That's unreal how much the agency makes. Wow. That is great that you went out on your own. I admire you. Hoe did you get clients?

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