How hard are Clinicals?.....

  1. So I've just been curious how hard clinicals are for the nursing programs...The classes I'm in now are SOOOO hard such as Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology..It Almost feels like I'm learning a new language and I get so discouraged and think I'm not smart enough for these courses...I was just trying to see if clinicals are alot better because its more hands on?....I just think once I get to my clinicals it will all piece together and it will feel so much better having a since of what I would actually be doing instead of sitting in A&P lab learning the Orgin, Insertion and action of muscles etc. Hopefully clinicals will be alot more interesting. Any input?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Clinicals is where you put it all together. You're studying normal A&P now and then when you get to nursing you study what happens when things aren't normal, i.e. pathophysiology. So study hard you're A&P as it's the backbone of everything else that is to follow.

    In my experience nursing school was no harder than A&P, so this is as hard as its going to get. However, the thing about clinicals is the time involved in paperwork, prepration, etc. You have to know your patients diagnosis, labs, test results, medications (their side effect, interactions, etc.) and what you as nurse can do for them. It's tedius and time consuming, but it's what nurses do, so it's a lot more interesting.