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  1. 0 Does anyone work in homecare? Please let me know pros and cons ...specially if you are an lpn.....
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    I am an lpn, my first job was in ltc then to this company. We are a psych only home health company. We are only in homes for med management and safety checks. The pros are the hours, we do work weekends but only work 8-10 and 3-5 at $20 a visit. 12-15 visits a day. The cons are.....love my job. There are stressful days with getting meds, keeping hallucinations and decomping pt stable, but its a dream job.

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    Thank you for respknding im signin with a ped homecare jn northern nj hope all goes well because its my first job an an lpn
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    Quote from lpn1986
    Does anyone work in homecare? Please let me know pros and cons ...specially if you are an lpn.....
    You might get better responses in the PDN area.
    Pros: flexible schedule, one on one care, working alone with no supervisor standing over your shoulder, sometimes great families and patients.
    Cons: pay and hours manipulated by agency to what is best for the agency, working alone and no back up if things go wrong (not a problem if you are experienced and confident in your skills), filthy homes, roach infested homes, bad areas of town, nutty parents with unrealistic expectations, uncomfortable homes (no place to sit, not allowed to use bathroom in some homes, fighting in the home, etc)

    The politics are getting bad in this job...it used to be better. Medicaid cuts mean the agency has an excuse to cut pay and make more money for themselves. If you get a good family, pt, and environment, its a great job.

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