High school senior question?

  1. Okay well I graduate high school May 2013 I'm 17 right now and I plan to take all my prerequisites at a community college. I want to go to covenant school of nursing! My mom is a RN and I really love what she does. I want to get my RN BSN. I'm just scared it's not going to be for me? I'm scared I'll take all my prerequisites and fail out.. or what if they don't accept me into the nursing school? My mom told me nursing school was really hard for her.. And I'm scared I just won't be a good nurse.. I've always dreamed about being a trauma nurse in a big city ER but I'm scared that just isn't going to happen.. Advice please?
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  3. by   HouTx
    There's probably nothing we can say that you haven't already heard from your great Mom.

    She is telling you like it is. Get out there and hit those pre-requisites HARD! You know you need to ace them and have a stellar GPA to maximize your chances of acceptance to nursing school.

    But (gently now) if nursing is your Mom's goal rather than yours, you may want to have an open and honest discussion with her about this. I had same experience - tried my best to convince my offspring to become nurses but it wasn't what they wanted. They turned out great - solid careers doing what they wanted to do.
  4. by   TopazLover
    Do your pre-reqs. They will be good for any avenue you choose. If it is nursing -great. If it is something totally different, that is OK also. Is it that you see ER nurses and trauma nurses as more interesting?

    Once you get to college you will meet new people who may have differing views and you will have other eyes and ears to look through and hear through. Following mom's footsteps is great if that is what you decide. Give yourself time to grow into the college life and don't make all your decisions now. You may have more info and better ways of looking at how difficult it is in a year or so.

    One of the most important things I have learned in life is: To decide not to decide is often a good decision.