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  1. hi, I am currently a pre med student but I have been looking into being a NP and I think that may be what I want to do. I am a sophomore and have taken some classes that I know aren't needed for nursing (calculus 1 and physics currently). I am wondering what it would be like for me to switch to the nursing and ultimately NP route and what being an NP is like? work hours, salary,debt, life style, etc

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  3. by   shibaowner
    Being an NP is pretty similar to being an MD. However, NPs do not have full practice authority in all states and may have to work under MD supervision. There is full practice authority in 24 states and in the Veterans Administration (VA). Most NPs work in primary care, but increasing numbers are working in hospitals (acute care). Some NPs specialize in psych, women's health, peds or work in specialty practices like derm, ortho, urology, etc.

    NPs do not make as much $ as an MD, usually 50 to 75% of what an MD makes.

    You might want to look at being a PA as well.