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  1. Hi, I am wondering if a DNP or PhD in nursing is better for me? I would like to eventually become a professor of nursing and be involved in research at a high level. thanks.
  2. tide22

    Advanced degree question

    Hi all, I am currently working full time as an ICU RN and going to school full time for my BSN. Once I get my BSN, I want to go into graduate school quickly. However, I have a question. I am not so set on the idea of NP/CRNA and am quite interested in infection prevention, QI nursing, and nursing education. However, I find it very hard to find a MSN or DNP program that is not an NP or CRNA program. Are there any MSN/DNP programs for nurse education, QI, and/or infection prevention? Or even just a general MSN/DNP program anywhere? thanks.
  3. Hi all, I am about to start a nursing program. I was formerly a pre med student, and I remember how a fairly strong emphasis was placed on volunteer hours and extracurriculars to boost a med school application significantly . Can the same be said about applications for crna or np school? And to the same extent or not?
  4. tide22

    Advice, thoughts, etc

    Ok so here is my situation. I was a pre med student, but I switched to nursing. I plan to start an ADN program next semester hopefully. I will graduate from it after summer of 2020. Then, while I get work experience as an RN, I plan to do a three semester RN to BSN program that I will finish after summer 2021. I know I either want to do CRNA school or NP school. I currently have an undergrad gpa of 3.93 with some classes not needed for a BSN because I was pre med, like a physics sequence and calculus 1. Of course I hope to keep my GPA this high throughout nursing school or maybe even bump it up a bit. Also I have a semester worth of classes I dropped last month because I did not need them for nursing and was taking them for pre med So, if any of you have any advice or thoughts or anything at all, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
  5. tide22

    CRNA School question hi

    Hi, I am currently a pre med undergrad college student. I am thinking about switching to nursing to pursue becoming a CRNA. I am wondering about something...I have taken calculus I and Physics I. These are not in a BSN degree plan. However, I am wondering, when applying to CRNA school, would having taken these classes make me stand out and look good as opposed to other applicants? I have a gpa right around 3.7-3.8. I made a B in both Calculus I and physics I. Thanks.
  6. tide22

    help please

    hi, I am currently a pre med student but I have been looking into being a NP and I think that may be what I want to do. I am a sophomore and have taken some classes that I know aren't needed for nursing (calculus 1 and physics currently). I am wondering what it would be like for me to switch to the nursing and ultimately NP route and what being an NP is like? work hours, salary,debt, life style, etc Thanks.