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:o I need help. I have been a nurse now for 9 years (I am 32) I have worked in every field and currently in adult ICU. I started buring out about 4 years ago and became a traveler. I am at the point of total burnout now.... Read More

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    Quote from HJBeans
    Thnaks everyone I am going to take the month of August of. perhaps I can pull myself out of this funk.
    One nurse I met burned out. Took a month off. Decided to go back to school for a master. Now she is teaching the next generation of nurses and she is happy.


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    I agree with the posts. You need to put yourself first. burnout is serious. impossible to function when your in a burnout state.

    You may need meds or you may need a little counselling, your life isn't long enough to suffer needlessly.

    Stress/depression whatever you label it, is difficult to pull out of alone. Good for you to take a break and realign yourself.

    Best wishes
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    I find I need a total job change at least every 10 years -- perhaps you do, too. One of the great things about nursing is that many different doors are open to you.

    Exploring a new area is scary but it's also stimulating and a lot of fun.

    Good luck, and I hope your time off helps!

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