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Help! I'm stuck in dialysis...

  1. 0 I have been a hemodialysis nurse for one year. While I am grateful for the job as a new grad I knew dialysis wasn't for me within the first month. I decided to give it a chance and after 6 months decided to start looking for new employment. I have been submitted resumes like crazy and I have had no bites. I'm beginning to lose my mind. I dread going to work and feel like I'll never get out of here. I won't go into the details of my pros/cons, but I'm losing many of my nursing skills. When I first graduated it seemed like everyone wanted a year or more of experience. Now it seems as though everyone wants certification or two years experience. I can't win! If anyone is out there please give me some tips on how to find employment. I must be doing something wrong. Going crazy in Jerzee@!
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    I assume you are looking for hospital employment. A great place to start looking for jobs is renal-med surg units. Try to adapt the skills you have practiced in dialysis and make them sound as hospital oriented as possible. For example: performed focused assessments, carefully monitored patient's vital signs for subtle changes, obtained blood specimens, educated patients about procedure and condition, communicated with.... etc etc.