Help... How do u find work when license is on probation?

  1. Hi.. I'm new to this and really in need of help. My license was placed on probation with no restrictions except no home health or charge position. Anyways I have applied for 250 jobs in the last 2 months and nothing. I even tried to hand delivery my resume so I could meet with the director and when she pulled my license she freaked out. I told her they were documentation errors and honestly nobody has given me a second look. I got ruled out of substance abuse so my story was proven it was documentation errors. I've applied to SNF and dialysis centers but nobody is calling me back. We lost our house and moved in with my parents. I'm trying to find a job in the Los Angeles area in cal. Does anyone have any advice or help with this issue.. So frustrated!!
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    I suspect you will have to leave California or move to a very remote area. It is well known that Cali is one of the tightest, if not THE tightest, areas in the country for nurses, even those with experience. I would think with that many nurses scrambling to find work that having a license on probation makes you a very unlikely candidate. There are simply too many others applying who have a license without blemish.

    Best of luck. I hope someone gives you a chance.