Having a baby during first year of working as a nurse

  1. I am in my second semester of an ADN program. I have a 22 month old daughter, and I really would like to have my next child when she is 3-4. I have siblings close in age and I always loved it, I want my daughter to have that as well. A life-long friend. We are thinking of trying to get pregnant late this year, then I would be pregnant my last semester of school and have the baby soon after graduation. I would then have a young baby when I begin working as a nurse. I have heard the first year is very difficult, and am wary of having a baby during this time. I also would much rather breastfeed, and am worried about having time to pump during 12 hour shifts. Would it be better to wait? If so how long? Would it be more ideal to have the baby my second year working as a nurse? Has anyone had experience with this? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  3. by   NAURN
    BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!!!! I got pregnant in my last semester. Graduated in Dec, had him in Jan (whew!). I took my boards somewhere in there (I can't even remember but I did pass so...) I think it was after he was born. I started working my first job in Feb. I personally think it was fine. I got tired that last semester but it didn't effect my school work at all... I found the last semester to be easy compared to the rest... Leadership I think which was easy. It was a nice semester to be pregnant in if there is a such thing

    As far as working right after pregnancy... I personally think it was fine. It was sad to have to leave my baby so young, but my husband stayed home with him so it wasn't that bad and I got a job working 8 hour shifts so that helped me be home at decent hours (12 hour shifts I THINK would have been harder since 3 days a week I would be gone before he woke up and getting home when he is in bed) so the 8 hour shifts worked well for me.

    I personally didn't think it was that hard... I say if you want it, go for it. Just don't be due too close to graduation date... you never know, you might go early.

    OH and I did not breast feed... I attempted for a few weeks but it was not working out so I quit. BUT a lot of nurses DO breastfeed and I think there are some sort of "rule" that they are supposed to allow you the time to pump if thats what you choose to do.... you can also pump more early on while you are recovering and store it, etc... a lot of options to make it work.
  4. by   geminidiamond
    I got pregnant during my accelerated BSN, started in May got pregnant in January, graduated in May, passed boards in July, worked part time doing chart review in August, had him in October. I've been searching for a job these few months with little luck, now I do have an offer to start in April so I feel like that was perfect timing. At 1 month it would have been too soon for me, when he was 3 weeks I went on an interview and talked about him almost the whole time, almost cried (so unprofessional<hormones). He will be 6 months in April so that should be better.
    And I just got a pump because I went out of state for an interview, but he refuses to take bottles, who knew, so there are always unexpected challenges. But I say you should go for it, it will def slow u down having a newborn and toddler but if u have a good support system, why not? I'm a single parent, so my son will be much older when I decide to have another baby. Luckily my sister is getting married this summer, so my son and his future cousin might be pretty close
  5. by   caregiver86
    One of my friend gave birth to her first child while working her first year at hosp.

    Yes, she was pretty tired but was refreshed from tiresome hospital works while caring her child.

    Moms are strong, you know?
  6. by   MegzRNSTL
    Well, things didn't work out like I wanted. Getting pregnant again hasn't been as easy as we thought it would be. I graduated my ADN program this past May, took boards a few weeks ago and passed, and started an RN-BSN this week. I am searching for my first RN position, but so far have had no luck. So it's probably a good thing we haven't been able to get pregnant yet, because we are broke. I hope I find a job soon. We haven't been trying very hard, just not using bc. I guess it wil happen when it's meant to. :spin:
  7. by   Esme12
    Jobs are tough everywhere..........all new grads are having a hard time with jobs. It will be even harder to find a job if you are pregnant. Maybe you need to wait and get your life in order first. Looking at your other posts you have had a hard time. You are so young. Having a baby right now will compound the difficulty in getting a position and you have some hurtles to get over with out being pregnant.

    Concentrate on Yourself and the baby you have.......get a position then....try having a baby.

    I wish you the best.
  8. by   Amber628
    I know depending on the hospital they have "pumping rooms" im pretty sure memorial sloan kettering and other big name hospitals ecourage/support it