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Got fired need advice

  1. 0 [font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times][font=times]i'll try to make this as short as possible.

    okay.. i was hired to work in a office as a temporary aide b/c i had no experience. i ended up not getting the position but the director really liked me and wanted to give me another chance so she put me in a similar area. things went seemingly well for me (although they did randomly fire another aide while i was still a temp) anyway i was eventually hired. the clinic director i was now working for was pretty much a bully and a micromanager and ended up putting in her month's notice. which was great for everyone! :d

    well conveniently on her last day she wrote me up for things that i had never been taught how to do. and like a dummy i signed. this was my first job in the medical field. i had never been wrote up before and was shocked/scared. i was then told i had 2 weeks to show improvement and that i would have a meeting with the only other rn in the office. well fast forward 3 weeks i met with the rn (who mind you was coming back from 2 1/2 week leave) and was written up again. i was told i made improvement but not enough. i was give 2 more weeks. again 2 weeks later i was called back to another meeting a given a final written notice. she then privately told me "god told her that this is were i needed to be." and buy this time i felt i had done everything humanly possible to improve. i had already begun filling out applications to everywhere else i could work. well it came time to have a final meeting and it never happened. i even asked when we going to me and she said oh don't worry about. two months later i was pulled into the office and told "we feel you have not made progress and you employment has been terminated effective immediately." i can't say that i was sad when it happened. i was actually relieved!

    one week later i interview and was offered another position that i accepted and have been there over a year. i am going to start nursing school and have to find a job where i can work 8 hour shifts. but every time i apply for a new job i wonder what i should put under "reason for leaving".. to this day i still don't know why i was fired and i get nervous every i fill out a application because i don't want to be dishonest and end up getting termed for lying on application or in a interview.

    what should i do?

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    Hello and welcome to the site. I moved your thread to Nursing Career Advice where I think you will get some helpful responses.
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    I wouldn't put that first job on your resume unless you really have to. Sounds like you have experience at another place for long enough that I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I would not put the first job or, in all honesty, I would put "unknown" as the reason for leaving.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    I would not put the first job or, in all honesty, I would put "unknown" as the reason for leaving.
    What would I say about it in the interview?