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Hi All, I'm looking for some advice. I've been working at a nursing home as an LPN for the past 9 months while in school for my RN. For the past several months I have been PRN, working minimal hours. I'm now done with my RN,... Read More

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    You are doing the smart thing. Good for you sticking it out and giving notice and getting a good reference out of it.
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    Thanks Crunch. It's been a bad situation and your comment is nice to hear.
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    That's great that the current DON is willing to give you a positive recommendation. However, she may not be there very long. Ask for that letter of recommendation now.
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    Good point. Get a written letter.....
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    The DON told me that I could use her as a reference even if she is no longer the DON, because she was at one time my DON. Is that not actually the case? =/
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