Getting a job after attending an accelerated nursing program

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    Hi -

    I'm thinking about applying to accelerated nursing programs of interest, but have recently heard that job opportunities for those who attend these accelerated programs (and do not have a degree in Nursing) have a tough time finding jobs.

    Does anyone have any knowledge/experience on this matter that they may be able to share?

    Thank you so much!


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    What kind of accelerated program are you talking about that doesn't end with a nursing degree? I'm confused
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    Maybe you're confusing "nursing degree" with "nursing license" and they just haven't passed boards? I don't see how it's possible to graduate a program without a degree unless it is, in fact, a scam of some kind. But yeah you're right about the job market. I wouldn't recommend it right now.

    Nursing isn't a cash cow with guaranteed stability. As the number of people joining this profession approaches infinite, the pay/stability of those already working approaches zero.
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    If you attended one of those programs then you would have a nursing degree.Can you clarify OP?
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    I'm not sure if just the business of your attending an accelerated program to a terminal degree that affords you the opportunity to sit for the NCLEX would make you any less employable than someone that did a 2-year ADN program, sat for the NCLEX, and then applied for a job. I think it's about what you bring to the table, the opening of the position, if you're a good fit for the hospital, etc. You're just as likely to get a job as someone else in your same shoes as a new graduate having recently passed the NCLEX.
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    I was in a 15 month accelerated BSN program following a psychology bachelors. Passed the NCLEX and had no issue finding a job after a couple months.

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