Free nursing education in exchange for work

  1. Hi everyone. I am a medical assistant and have been for the past 17 years. I have always wanted to pursue a nursing degree but at this time in my life, funding school isn't an option. I would like to know if anyone knows of any programs where they offer a free education in exchange for working for them for "x" number of years? There was a program in DC, however that was at least 7 years ago. Currently I live in MN but would be willing to relocate for the education.
    Thank any and all of you for help and time in this matter. It is all very much appreciated.
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    I would suggest looking into to community/technical colleges in your area that offers an ADN program, that why you would hopefully qualify for some sort of financial aid. If not, you have the option of taking out student loans. I know most people hate taking out student loans, but you will make the money to pay it back, plus ADN degrees at community colleges is a cheaper route vs jumping into a university program.
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    Look into Berea College in KY. I have a friend who is in their BSN program.
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    I know of several rural TX hospitals that have this type of arrangement - paying school expenses in return for a period of work commitment after licensure. You may want to investigate in your area of the country.