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H everyone. I've been applying in different SNF's here in LA county. I'm nervous as hell! I haven't gone in any interview yet so I have no idea what to expect.. Except from those I have read on this... Read More

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    the same shoe. btw what hospital you are doing your vplunteer job?
    At John muir hospital!
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    That's all fine and good that you can do those things, but it effects our nation when unemployment rates for US citizens and educated nurses are so high because they cannot find work because of recruitment of IEN.
    Just because work here is "way more easy" doesn't mean we need foreigners taking the job from US educated nurses. Especially if you are so demanding.

    Why not go demand things from your country? Demand change. Demand better working environments. Advocate for your profession. Demand better for your country! They owe you that, they are your country of education and birth. Demand better from them!

    US educate nurses can't even advocate for their profession because we are battling to just get a job. If we get one we are forced into silence for fear our job will be taken from us.

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    As I said you don't know our story. And United States is my country too!!!!

    It's ok to be patriotic, but, are u demanding things in Your country too? Did u already signed petitions to stop unemployment, did u help in a way for that? Have u created a fundraising, or a policy? What are u doing? Besides complaining about foreigners are coming in a bunch! Is your family from here? Granny or grandpa?

    If you want change... Start changing yourself.

    Volunteer, be environmentally friendly, use the bus o bike once in a while, grow your own food (if possible). Do something for OUR country too!

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    I think we need to be mindful that for many in this country...times are hard. People are struggling....families are struggling. Whether American or foreign born....we need to be respectful of each other and be respectful that while one might find something easy and can choose amongst multiple options others are struggling to get an interview.

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