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I've been a nurse for a lONG time -- probably longer than most of you reading this have been alive. Had I known what I was getting into, I probably would not have gotten into it. Fortunately, I had... Read More

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    This is so beautiful to read, I'm currently really torn. I'm not sure if I should pursue LPN or ASN, I'm afraid that it'll be harder to find a job with an associate degree in nursing where as LPN seems like it's easier. :\
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    Thank you for a wonderful post, your last paragraph brought me to tears, I recently lost my dad!!

    With no doubt, I am choosing the right career.
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    RubyVee is one of the most valuable members of AllNurses precisely because of her long experience.

    She tells it as it is; the faint of heart or the easily offended ought not to subject themselves to that sort of reality check here.

    They'll get it at work soon enough, but then we can't say "We told you so."
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    Great post. Personally I chose nursing because I love to help people, and the feeling of knowing you helped another person for me is fulfilling. The other aspect of nursing personally I have enjoyed is that I always feel like I'm learning and growing professionally. It's valuable to me to feel that way.
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    this should be required reading for anyone thinking about going to nursing school. i wish i would have known about allnurses when i was applying to school - if i had known the reality it, i would have run away, far and fast!

    (as for the "i have no idea how people make it through school not knowing they'll have to work weekends/night shifts"...let me clear up that confusion for you. I expected to get my choice of shifts because our professors at school AND the working RNs I shadowed and talked to ALL said that "nurses are so in demand, you'll be able to write your own ticket" and "lots of people prefer nights/weekends because it works best with their schedule; you don't have to work nights/weekends"...lies, obviously, but from the point of view of a nursing student if your professors are saying it, AND actual nurses are saying it, why would you not trust them?)
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    well said and still timely. Thank you!

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