First nursing resume?

  1. I worked as a CNA while in nursing school, then when I graduated I smiley transferred departments into a nursing role with only needing to fill out a quick online application. I've never actually done a nursing resume.

    I find myself needing one now and I have no idea where to begin. I assume nurse managers don't really care about my waitress job or my job in auto finance, or do I leave those things in my resume?

    I've only worked briefly at a nursing home as a CNA and then at two hospitals in the same health system as a CNA and then a nurse. I've been on the same unit for 6 years since I graduated, so I dont feel like that adds much to my resume.
    Plus I'm looking to change specialty areas, so I would be starting all over!

    Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Amethya
    As I was told by a potential employer when I was looking for a job after I was fired/quit from my first job, is it looks good if you had other experience besides Nursing (for me CMA). For me it's 7+ years of retail at different stores, she said I should of put that on my resume because it looks good. It means that I have the experience on how to handle people, especially when they are difficult.