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To make a long story short (short-er to be exact): Got a job on a Neuro PCU Unit Had a combination of being new/not knowing what to do/getting bullied by a charge nurse/not standing up for... Read More

  1. by   AesthesiaSeeker
    10/11/17 Update:

    Last week I did something that I should have 100% ABSOLUTELY done months ago. I called the Career Services Director at my old nursing school and asked her for help.

    (This question has probably been asked many times on this forum; I am in no-way a legal expert and this may only apply in Texas) The Career Services Director at my former school told me recruiters can only ask future employers two-sometimes three- questions:
    1). Did this person work for this company?
    2). What time frame did this person work for this company?
    3). Is this person rehire-able? (I was told 90% of the time this question is NOT asked but on the slight chance it is I thought I would include it anyway)

    The Director instructed me to state I was fired due to repeated absences and tardiness related to a family emergency - that although I found my job important my family always takes precedence. I was also told that it would be an illegal interview question if I was pressed further or asked to explain the situation.

    (I also have Asperger's/HFA so I'm a little slow when it comes to understanding people) I was also explained that in this profession a great job is a great job and if you find yourself in a crappy one you can move immediately, hence the high turnover rate for our profession as a whole.When I did have a job as a nurse I saw people leave left and right or go to float pools or go agency or per diem, a lot of which still confuses me but that's another subject for another day.

    I've gone to two interviews since then and both times I've explained the firing due to a family crisis and quickly moved onto the next set of questions.

    All in all (for me) I think this is case closed.

    And @TriciaJ, RN: I'm really trying to work on the negative self-talk. I'm working with my former pediatric psychiatrist to find an adult psychiatrist & psychologist who work with young adults/adults with HFA. Even when I was working my life was out of control as I was basically a social hermit who was on the verge of having a panic attack from just leaving my apartment. I went to work, came home, drank, ordered takeout, and worked. It was a pretty terrible way to live; in fact, it wasn't living, it was just surviving. The hard truth I had to realize was I had Asperger's/HFA as a kid; I went to school, studied, worked out, studied...I LOVED school, life was great. And then I graduated and I took this job far away from home in a town where I knew no one.
    The job was just a band-aid. And that band-aid was ripped right off the skin at full force when I got fired.
    Anyhow now in addition to my psychiatric team I'm also going to intensive outpatient therapy three times a week to try and get this 'fogginess' surrounding my brain out of my life.