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Background: I am a new grad RN. Graduated with my RN in may, received my LPN in may of 2011. I currently work in a LTC facility though I have considered other jobs because the facility where is... Read More

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    I live in Iowa and i've never reported end of employment. You ltc sounds much like the one I was at when I worked as an lpn. I had 3 training shifts and left with 35 residents. I was always short on aides and it was pure crazy! I gave a two week notice and my boss tried to make mr work as an aide for those two weeks. In iowa you cant do that if you have a nursing license. State was at that facility every month. Ive found a great job since then and do not miss it. Im positive you will find the same!

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    I think you should count your blessings that you are done with that place! I don't know if it would help or not, but it seems you have a responsibility to report this facility as being an unsafe place for patients. On the matter of nurses who are terminated being reported to their State Board of Nursing this assumes one has done something wrong. I have never heard of such a thing. I just checked my BON and could find nothing like that in my state. One has a responsibility to report a change of address or a name change and that is it. Examples of issues to report and not report are given.

    Putting a wrong date on a BandAid is riduculous!!! Basically they were looking for an excuse and now they have lost another good nurse! The BandAid excuse demonstrates what a good job you did of documenting the situation with the 'fall'.

    It is not unusual for nurses to be terminated. It does not mean such termination was valid or that the employer was in the right. Unfortunately, there are bad employers and poor managers and you have been experiencing one. If you could afford an attorney you could sue them for wrongful termination, but probably the wise thing to do is to focus on finding a better position and put this experience behind you. You sound like a responsible nurse and a person of integrity. I wish you the best!
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    (gently) I do not claim to be familiar with day-to-day operations of a typical LTC facility, but when a patient falls, the RN responsible for their care should always conduct a full assessment. If the patient did "refuse" due to anger at the time of the incident, there should have been (documented) follow up when the patient had calmed down. The number or availability of CNA or other adjunct staff does not enter into the decision - it is an RN responsibility.

    That being said, I agree with PP that the OP is probably better off not working for the facility in question. However, if the OP knew of fraudulent practices or clinical errors that occurred on a regular basis (implied by claims of "evidence") & did not report it - this is also a violation of most states' NPA. This behavior could be interpreted as collusion by virtue of failure to take appropriate action & the OP could be caught up in a very serious situation if this came to light.

    "Don't rock the boat" is never justification for violation of legal and ethical nursing responsibilities. If any employer asks you to, it's time to leave.
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    Quote from OCNRN63
    If I were you, I would just consider myself well rid of them and move on. Getting into a tangle with your former boss and the BON will probably not wind up working out the way you want. If the facility is that bad the state will trip them up and then she may very well be under the eye of the BON.

    Wrong date on a bandaid? That's laughable.
    I agree on both counts. She was wrong to threaten you with a loss of license. Losing one's license for putting the wrong date on a band aid? Please. I hope you saw right though this silly threat.

    Likewise, I don't think going to the BON is going to serve you well. I realize you have evidence, but it is doubtful it is rock solid enough to stand up to tough scrutiny. Also, the DON is not going to just roll over and say "oh shucks, you got me." It's going to be a long drawn out process and she sounds like the type who find something for which you will be dragged in front of the board--not worth it. You're gone from there--move on and don't look back.

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