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I have heard mostly discouragement from going into the field of nursing. I am entering school as a freshman in 2 weeks. I plan on getting a BSN from a University after i gain my AA and get the prerequisites from the community... Read More

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    I have been a nurse for 7 years and I am very glad that I went with my heart. I had always wanted to be a nurse.
    Yes, it is very stressful, lots of responsibility, and the list could go on and on, but it is also very rewarding. It is a great feeling to be part of the healing process and see your patients go home with their loved ones. It is also rewarding to work long term care where the patients become part of your life, your family. You see your patients every day and they depend on you, not only for medical needs but as family. It is very difficult when we loose them after being so close, but death is a part of living.
    I've heard a lot of nurses complain of the disrespect they feel they receive from the doctors. Respect is something you earn and can be achieved by simply standing up to the doctor. Stand up for what you think, what you feel and voice it.
    Good Luck!!!

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    Go for it and be proud! I love being a nurse despite the long and yucky hours. It defines my essence............so does my motherhood. Ignore everyone....

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    I echo the above sentiments. It bothers me when nurses in our own profession put it down. There are so many opportunities in nursing. I have been in a hospital for 27 years, however I have worked in ICU (10 years), evening/night supervisor, IV Home Care, Oncology and then went on to Performance Improvement and now Risk Management. There are not many other professions where there are so many different fields that you can explore. Hang in there....we need good nurses. Anyway, there are no perfect jobs out there in any profession!
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    If you want many career options available to you once you gain that important clinical experience, getting a BSN should figure in your plans. Ideally, right from the start would be great.

    I went back for my MS as a family nurse practitioner after I had been a BSN/RN for 17 years. It is always a lot harder to juggle work, family and school but it is achievable.

    Now that I have graduated, my past clinical experiences AND my MS are equally important in getting that first job as a nurse practitioner. In the US, you cannot be certified as a NP now without a masters degree and finishing a masters or post-masters NP educational program.

    I would encourage those considering a nursing career to go for the BSN.

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