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Cooper University Hospital Application Status

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I'm a new grad AND I am going crazy finding a stable job in a hospital (ideally) or a nursing home! I just checked the status of my application online for Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ and it said that it is "under review" as opposed to "received submission" or "submitted, not considered". I was wondering if anyone checked their status and it said "under review" and ended up getting an interview! I'm hoping to get the job there, because it really is my number one choice hospital right now! Please let me know!

    walkingonthemoon, RN
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    @walkingonthemoonrn - I'm a new grad as well and I applied for a position a month ago and noticed that I got the "under review" notification as well but haven't heard a thing from them...what position did you apply to?
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    Ok, so I know this is like a year and a half later, but I googled this because I'm currently experiencing the same thing with the "Under review" message. So how did it turn our for you guys?