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  1. Hey Everyone,
    I just got a job as contracted nurse for Summit Health. Its an independent contractual position where I do flu clinics and health fairs, etc on a prn basis. They email me an event, I say yay or nay, and then they ship all the supplies for the assignment to my home. It is then my responsibility to arrive at and conduct the health event on my own. Including all paperwork. I'm a little nervous since I don't know too much about this company, I just applied online. Does anyone have experience either with Summit Health or similar companies/positions? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   savebabies
    Hi KourtneiNurse!
    I have my 5 minute screening/interview?..not really too sure what it is..with Summit tomorrow, and I anticipate getting the position as well. I did not know they ship the supplies to your house, and you said we are on our own, so would we be the only one conducting the clinic? Not sure how I feel about this either! I would also like more information about this, so if you find any please let me know!
  4. by   johndixon

    I am scheduled to do a few clinics with Summit. I also do immunization clinics with Mollen. From what I experienced so far, Summit appears to be a very professional organization. Yes they do ship the vaccines to you and you are responsible for them. You may or may not have to run the clinic by yourself. It all depends on the amount to people they are contracted to give the vaccines to. The smaller clinics will only have 1 nurse.

    Once you get hired they will send you a welcome kit with a name tag and will give you information on purchasing a lab coat. You can purchase a lab coat with their logo for around 27 dollars.
  5. by   nurse nessie
    I worked for them last season. I liked it. I only did two clinics bc they filled up pretty quickly. It's not too difficult, in my opinion. Both times I worked alone.
  6. by   lsvalliant
    I have accepted several clinics as a Summit health employee, only to find out several days later that the clinics are unavailable or were canceled. Its starting to become the running joke because I've been employed with them for several months and have done absolutly nothing. The one thing I prefer about Mollen is that when you accept a clinic, its yours.. no waiting on this pending for approval crap that clogs up your schedule only to fall through. Not very happy with my experience, but hey its only one persons opinion.
  7. by   RubyRN,CHPN
    I am pondering something like this and have considered Summit, I think they pay more than Mollen. Because I work contractually and have other contract jobs that have timelines for scheduling, how much notice do they generally give you to cancel? I don't have a problem working by myself and running a clinic. I work for other companies that drop ship supplies to my home and never have had a problem. I am curious how last season worked out for everyone. Approximately what months did you have work? Was if just flu season or did you have work beyond that?