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Has anyone applied yet. Im so nervous and that application was so long. I chose PICU as the unit I want to work on. Hope I will be called for an interview. I graduate june 2013 idk if I will even be considered. Anyhow lets... Read More

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    Im graduating in june 2013 and I have been a nursing assistant for 1 n half years now.

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    I got that same email....I am hoping they call soon for interviews...I applied for med/surg
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    I got a call for an interview in the NICU!!!!!
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    NICU seems to be on top of things... no call here yet
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    has anyone got any interview calls?
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    Could someone tell me how to apply for this residency program? Thanks.
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    Has anyone heard anything at all? This program seems to have less activity than others. Anyone have any new info?
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    If u know how to merge this convo with the other choc convo please do I think cause its 2 of the same .... no news tho they havent called
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    Has anyone heard any more for interviews? if so say what unit and how it went?!? mOmmabEAR2122134 how did your interview go?!?!
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    I heard that in neuro alone they had 11 internal interviews for 6 spots good luck everyone !!!

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