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  1. Can I have your input please?
    I have an AAS degree in Occupational Therapy. I worked as a COTA for 10 years. I liked it, but I never had the passion for it. I am finishing my BHA right now and am contemplating my next step. I have always had a passion for nursing,but my mother and grandmother and aunt were nurses and I was afraid I was just doing what was comfortable. So, I chose another path. I am thinking of going back for my RN after I finish my BHA. The original plan was to finish my BHA and finish my Masters in OT and work as a rehab mgr. I am torn. I am in my 30s and thinking it may be too late for a career change. What do you think? Thanks.
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  3. by   patty89
    you are very young! it is never to late to follow your heart. I know of people in their 40's, even 50's that start nursing school.

    good luck on the path you choose, please keep us up to date!
  4. by   RNperdiem
    Is having a passion for your job truly important to you? Would you settle for a job that gives you satisfaction, good pay and good working conditions?
    Passion is an elusive beast that has a tendency to slip or fade away sometimes. In the end, a job is a job.
    I see a lot of education in your recent past, how about working related to the degree you have. Passion can be developed when you learn, grow and get good at something.
    I would recommend shadowing a few nurses to get a good idea about what nurses really do before making a change.
  5. by   bs00
    I really do not like what I do. I could settle for becoming a rehab manager but I really have a heart for nursing. I would love to be able to volunteer at free clinics and eventually serve on mission teams to provide nursing care. I am only finishing my BHA bc I can do it online and I had to have a bachelors degree to apply for the COTA to MOTA program. I just don't know if that is what I want. I feel so foolish at 34 making a complete change in career.
  6. by   Good Morning, Gil
    What is it that you do not like about your current job? Not to discourage you, but you should read about some disgruntled nurses' perspectives on here before making a career change, and talk to some actual nurses first. Since you're making a career change, you want to ensure this is the career you want. There are many great things about nursing, and I enjoy being a nurse, and do not regret the decision I've made, but I do wish the hours were better. I don't mind working hard, but working night shift is very difficult on a social life and quality sleep. I do not get quality sleep, and many night shifters don't, but I make the best of it.

    You will work night shift when you graduate. Maybe you won't, but odds are stacked against you since it's only fair that those with seniority get day shift.

    Also, I went into nursing for the same reasons you described, volunteering and medical missions. I have 2 years of experience now, so I feel ready to do so. However, financially, I can't afford the trips overseas.....they're astronomical for a short period of time, so I'm going to adapt my plan somewhat. There are needy people in the US, too.

    I will also say: I also wanted to volunteer at the free clinic, but to be honest, working long nights as an ICU nurse, I decided that my free time volunteering needs to be away from nursing. It's just too much otherwise. Maybe you'll feel differently, though.
  7. by   bellabellebelle
    If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone! I am 34 also and making a career change to nursing as well. I am starting from SCRATCH. I am not happy in my current job. The thing that I'm struggling with is leaving a very comfy salary and great benefits. There will be some temporary sacrifices but I know it will all pay off in the long run. My mother reminded me that you are only too old to something when you are dead.

    If you don't do it, you will always regret not trying.