Career advice: is this the right move?

  1. I live in a town watered down with nurses d/t our community college program pumping out 75 a year. Because of this our hospital is super competitive to get into. I drive an hour to work every day to work in another hospital, a very small one. I originally applied because I got to start out in LTC with the opportunity to advance within the company to acute or ER if I desired (which has not happened). I've been there for 6 months and reeeally like it there, the aids are good, the administration is excellent. BUT and there are several buts..
    1.) the drive is very steep up and down hills and we get heavy snow in the winter, so I'm afraid I won't be able to make it to work when it starts snowing.
    2.) I've planned to move to Georgia to be closer to my dad since before I started nursing school, and I believe now is the best time to do it.
    3.) I am the only nurse who works my shift and I never have anyone competent with nursing knowledge to bounce questions and ideas off of, so I don't feel like I am learning as much as I could be. I would really like to work alongside another nurse.
    4.) I want to continue my education and go on to get my BSN in a classroom setting rather than online and my hometown does not offer that.

    So. A new nurse, 6 months experience as an RN in LTC, 2 years experience as a CNA (worked for the same facility the whole time as a CNA, different facility as an RN). Also, not relevant experience but I worked for BK for 3 years, I wonder if I should include that on my resume to show commitment. Do I have a pretty good shot at getting another job. Is this a good move or should I stick with the current job and push the move to next year?

    The reason I think now is the best time, is that my daughter will start kindergarten next year. I want to have a full year in Georgia to decide whether its the right place for us before I get her into school and have to start over at another school. I'm so afraid I won't like it and will want to move back, but if we don't move, I will always wonder if I missed out on a great opportunity. This is so hard!!
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  3. by   Marshall1
    My advice is to move closer to your Dad..this is a decision you will not regret - especially in years to come. It will also be good for your Dad and daughter to be around each other. This too will be something that will be valuable in a different way down the road.

    I live and work in Georgia so I can tell you this about the job need your license or temp. Ga. license before you even think of applying anything. It is very difficult for nurses - even seasoned nurses to get hired and it takes awhile. That being said, you will have little difficulty getting hired in a LTC facility - it's a start. There are also smaller hospitals that hire new grads or those with less than a years experience. I don't know what area you are moving to but you can search it out online or on here. Otherwise, Georgia is like any other state - has it's good points and bad points.

    As far as weather conditions...those happen everywhere - we were slammed with a snow storm that shut Atlanta and the surrounding areas down a few years ago. Don't worry about things like that - they are out of your control and are so "what if" it's really a waste of time to think about it.

    Better to give it a try then like you said, always wonder.
  4. by   NightNerd
    I can't say what you personally will want/regret/be proud of, but as a career move I think it sounds just right. You have great reasons for wanting to move now, and I think the prior experience you'll be able to cite will work in your favor, which should be positive things for a potential employer. I say go for it!