Career advice for low self esteem

  1. I really don't know where to begin.... I have been a RN going on 7 years now. I have had almost as many jobs. I have left almost all of them without notice. I have been in an abusive relationship and am finally free. I have now been at the same job going on three years. I have learned so many things being in a relationship like that. Most importantly, that the only way you can be victimized is by allowing yourself to be the victim. That is so hard to understand when you are in the thick of the battle. Once the realization comes, it's a windfall of strength and new perspective that you give yourself. I now find myself looking to get a permanent job back in the acute care setting. I'm currently working nights in one if the busiest urgent care centers in Southern California. I have done very well and risen through the ranks to become lead charge. We are located minutes from a very busy ER and so logically we get very high acuity patients that think the wait will be quicker coming to us. (The public needs to be educated on urgent vs. emergent because it is costing them precious time when a stroke or STEMI is apparent). I digress, how can I get back into acute care setting with a history like mine? I have several letters of recommendation and my license us clean, I am very skilled in assessment, IV, med admin, etc in the critical care and peds critical care areas. Any advice is appreciated!!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!!
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    Congrats in becoming "free"!

    I am sure someone else will come along with more accurate advice, however, do you have ACLS, and PALS? If not, that could be the next step. It sounds as though you have a great breadth of experience that can transfer into acute care.

    Sending positive vibes in your success!
  4. by   syckgyrrl
    thank you so much for the response. It felt so great to read your congrats! I have my acls and pals. Thinking of taking the CEN. And I me rolling in RN to MSN this fall.