Cant get a job! Need help

  1. 0 I have been out of school for just about 2 years and still can't get a job in a hospital. It's either I have no experience or I don't have a BSN. I am a mother of 3, who can't afford to complete a BSN. I have an associates, but apparently that isn't good enough. While in nursing school I worked in a hospital as a PCA, when I finished school they told me they wouldn't hire me because I didn't have a BSN. With only 2 jobs posted I guess they had their pick. I am so frustrated, I constantly ask myself why I picked nursing! I'm so sick of hearing that this is the #1 profession to work as. I have yet to see it in NY.
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    You did not say you wanted to go get a BSN, but just a thought. Maybe you can get a federal grant or a scholarship. It is worth checking into..if you want to go back to school. Good luck.
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    Yes I do want to but I don't think I would qualify for a grant. I will have to look for scholorship. Thanks! I do need to find a job in a hospital soon though.
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    Have you looked other places than hospitals?
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    Actually right now I am a covering nurse at a school district, which I love and would like to get a full time job as a school nurse. Most places ask if you have any experience and I have worked in a pediatric office. It's just I would feel better with a year or two in a hospital.
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