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Canadian Nursing ? HELP : (

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    I have a question: I am doing a diploma Nursing Course( Child Branch )here in London , UK. My husband and I are interested in Moving to Canada sometime after I finish my course I have been researching about canadian nursing but I am confused as to how my UK Registered nurse accredidation will transfer to Canada. I know I have to take an exam but what else do I need , how will it be classified in Canada?? Any canadian nurses out there wanna give me some advice
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    Canadian requirements are essentially the same as the US. In the UK, you are trained as a specialist, but the US and Canada require that you be trained as a generalist. You will need to do the make-up courses to qualify to work in either country.

    There are already many threads posted about this under the Canadian section, if you just do a search on this forum.

    Good luck.....
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    Not to mention the fact that some provinces are moving to only recognize nurses with a Bachelor's degree. You can contact the registering body in the province you are interested in and they can give you all the info. For BC, it's I think and they have links to the registration bodies across the country.