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Some of you old enough to recognize the structure of the title (Can this ... be saved?) might be amused. Maybe not. I come from a family that makes jokes when the circumstances are dire, and mine are... Read More

  1. by   WhereIsMyCallBell
    Deja VU!! Saw the same thing happen where i used to work. Mgmt filling in "holes" at the end of the month. tsk tsk... I used to get talked to about my "time management skills". Only because I would pull meds per MAR, actually give, or watch patient take their meds, (even if one by one) and then initial. Sorry, just my way of doing my job properly and per policy. I work as a nurse to take care of my patients and make sure they are getting what they need. Not to please mgmt. by doing a half a** job! I didn't care I was considered "slow" with my med pass by mgmt. or anyone else. Those that cut corners to get done quickly only to go sit at the nurses station and gossip, text etc. They got an " atta girl!" Then after the praises they'd have to fill those same nurses blanks at month's end. What's wrong with that picture?? I apologize for going on a bit of a tangent here. But MY license and lively hood comes above all else. Good thing you learned early on and just as everyone else says. Be up front, but bite your tongue and don't bash the employer when a potential job comes along and you're being interviewed. Good luck to you.
  2. by   dianneoverby
    We all make mistakes. Usually when we make a mistake we never do that again. Dust off your boots and jump back in. Be upfront and honest about why you were terminated. I am a staffing nurse and will hire the honest person to give them another chance. Good luck with the new job.
  3. by   FMF Corpsman
    Speaking of dusting off your boots, FIRST POST, WELCOME; dianneoverby
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