Baylor 2013 Summer Internships

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    Has anyone applied to any of the internships Baylor is offering for June 2013??

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    I applied too! do you have any idea how competitive it is or if they take out of state applicants?
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    I've heard it's pretty competitive. Supposedly they had 600 applicants last year. I have heard of them interviewing out of state applications but all of the info I have "heard" has come from this website. What specialty did you apply for?
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    Wow that's alot! Hopefully they have a lot of spots since they have so many locations and specialities. I applied to peds, perinatal and NICU.
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    Yeah no kidding. I sent a follow up email and the recruiter called me back. They will begin phone interviews after the 15th and said it will go pretty quickly from then. Good luck! Keep me posted if you hear from them!
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    I will!
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    They had over 2,300 applicants out of which at least 500 were for critical care and probably more for women's services (includes NICU). Super competitive!
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    Any updates? Has anyone got a call?
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    I sent a follow-up email and got a call back two weeks ago saying that he was going to call for a phone interview but couldn't start calling people until the applications closed last Friday. I'm thinking (hoping) that they will call next week. What specialties did you apply for?
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    I was discouraged that I had not received a call yet, but feel better after finding this thread
    I'm out of state and applied for transplants (I had an internship on a transplant unit at UCSD) and OR.

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