Banner New Nurse Experience 2017

  1. I have seen posts asking about interviews but I haven't found posts asking directly about the new nurse experience through Banner. Has anyone gone through this program? What is it like? Do we get to choose a hospital or are we placed? How long is the program? There is very little information on the Banner website about it and I just want to learn more from people who have gone through it. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   bsnrngirl1
    Guess nobody has gone through it. I'll let everyone know how it turns out in a few months!
  4. by   shelbyannern
    Hey! I finally got an email about my interview confirmation. They took forever to respond to me and completely ignored me sometimes. I'm hoping I get it though. It's so hard to get in a hospital out here. How soon after your interview did you start? What was your interview like? And do you like it and what are you doing there?
  5. by   bsnrngirl1
    That's great! I really hope you get it! My interview was Aug. 15th and I started today so I had about 3.5 weeks to relax. The interview is behavior based questions and was pretty pleasant as far as interviews go. She hired me on the spot which was excellent! I've only just started but so far every single person has been welcoming and very nice. I'll be starting on the floor this Saturday in the ortho/spine unit.
  6. by   Yuweezy
    Hello! I had my interview for the new grad program at Banner yesterday, and got a call back the same day that I got the position. I'll be starting October 16th at the progressive care unit at Banner University.
    I have a question to ask. Did you have to go in person to handle all the HR stuff at all before your official starting day? Or were you able to do everything over email? Since I almost have about a month till my starting day, I'm planning on going over seas for a few weeks if I don't have to do anything in person. Thanks in advance!
  7. by   bsnrngirl1
    Yes you have to go in for your occupational health appointment and also an onboarding appointment with HR. They will schedule you for both.
  8. by   Yuweezy
    Thank you!